erica hill / toronto / est. 1994
avid reader & skilled procrastinator

i dream of ...
traveling the world,
matinee trips to the movies,
lazy sundays in bed
with a book,

riding an elephant in africa,
living by the beach,
or not,
but living none the less

i believe in ...
expensive cheese,
& the oxford comma

i find comfort in ...
familiar faces,
or new ones,
peaceful snow falls
on christmas eve,
and very, very,
high heels


"If you have to speculate if someone loves you and wants to be with you, chances are they don’t. It’s not that complicated. Don’t waste moments waiting and wondering. Don’t throw away your time dreaming of someone that doesn’t want you. No one is that amazing, certainly not the one who would pass you up."
Donna Lynn Hope (via simply-quotes)

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innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for

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"It’s 4am—
You’re sleeping.
I’m crying."
6 word poem (via dramaticir0ny)

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Gimme right now plz
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