erica hill / toronto / est. 1994
avid reader & skilled procrastinator

i dream of ...
traveling the world,
matinee trips to the movies,
lazy sundays in bed
with a book,

riding an elephant in africa,
living by the beach,
or not,
but living none the less

i believe in ...
expensive cheese,
& the oxford comma

i find comfort in ...
familiar faces,
or new ones,
peaceful snow falls
on christmas eve,
and very, very,
high heels




cutest snapchat i ever received, to this day
.. and now 220,000+ people have been let in on the moment lol

If she received it the countdown would be in the top right hand corner so sorry to ruin it for you all but… She wrote it herself.

I’m getting really agitated with the humans who don’t understand how snapchat works. I took the snapchat. I uploaded the picture. I sent it to 270293 aka the girl who commented.
"Your name hurts."

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Anonymous: How many people did you send that sunset snapchat to?

Just one

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Open pigs
"But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. All my life long."
 Blue Is the Warmest Color (via shonaaak)

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